Share My Creed

creation, god finger, clouds-1906289.jpg

In whispers soft, I share my creed, Of faith in something you do not need, When I speak of God’s boundless grace, In the quiet warmth of His embrace.

Don’t scorn me, for the words I say, In my heart, His love finds its way, My cup, it overflows with delight, His gifts, a symphony of endless light.

Yet, I see you question, doubt, and fret, Thinking, “Why believe in a faith unmet?” But let me tell you of the voice I’ve heard, A gentle whisper, like a hummingbird.

God’s yoke is easy, His burden light, Guiding us through the darkest night, For hate, it is not born of His name, In His love, we’re all held the same.

To please the Divine, I’ll gladly show, The path where love and kindness flow, In His image, we’re each designed, Eternal souls, forever entwined.

Though you may walk a different way, In the realm of doubt and shades of gray, Respect my faith, as I respect your quest, For in our journeys, we are truly blessed.

In this tapestry of beliefs we weave, Let’s find the threads that help us believe, For whether in God or the absence thereof, May we all find peace, understanding, and love.


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