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Gallery on Vine: A Beacon of Emerging Voices

Artistic evolution emerging in the vibrant embrace of Scranton’s Downtown/Hill Section.

Our Vision

The vision of Gallery on Vine is to serve as a vibrant hub of artistic expression and cultural enrichment within the community. We envision a space where creativity knows no bounds, and where artists of all backgrounds and disciplines come together to showcase their work and inspire others. At Gallery on Vine, we aspire to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of artistic voices and fosters meaningful connections between artists, patrons, and the wider community. Through innovative exhibitions, engaging events, and collaborative projects, we seek to ignite passion for the arts, spark dialogue, and ignite the imagination. Our vision is to be more than just a gallery–we aim to be a catalyst for creativity, a beacon of inspiration, and a cornerstone of culture vitality in our city. 

Challenges for Local Artists:

  • Local artists struggle to gain recognition beyond their immediate community.
  • Gallery on Vine offers a platform for exhibitions to broaden artists’ exposure.
  • Targets a diverse audience of both local and non-local art enthusiasts.
  • Few professional gallery opportunities for local artists.
  • Gallery on Vine consistently curates exhibitions, providing regular showcasing opportunities.
  • Helps local artists build portfolios and establish a presence in the art community.
  • Difficulty in establishing connections with other artists and art professionals.
  • Gallery on Vine organizes networking events, artist talks, and collaborative projects.
  • Fosters a sense of community among local artists and encourages relationship-building.