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The Children’s Program fosters activities that actively engage children's imagination through music, visual arts, movement, dance, drama and storytelling. This immersive project is meant to be a transformational change to have a positive impact on the lives particularly those negatively impacted by post-Covid, depression and loneliness.

Our Programs

Art and Music offer powerful tools for healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. They transcend language barriers and provide a universal platform for communication and expression. Through workshops, mentorship, and collaborative projects, our program encourages participants to tap into their creativity, build resilience, and envision a brighter future for themselves.

Children's Program

An art and music program for children is a structured and interactive educational initiative designed to introduce young learners to the world of visual arts and music, fostering their creativity, self-expression, and appreciation for artistic endeavors.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills program harnesses the profound potential of Art and Music as vehicles for personal growth and exploration. By engaging participants in creative expression, we provide a safe and supportive environment for them to delve into their personal goals, achievements, and evolution.

Through artistic mediums, individuals can discover and cultivate their unique strengths, develop coping mechanisms, and foster a sense of self-worth and belonging.

Art Therapy

An art therapy program typically involves a structured series of sessions led by a trained art therapist. The program may be designed for individuals or groups and can be tailored to address specific therapeutic goals or target populations.

Music Therapy

A music therapy program is a structured intervention designed to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals through music-based activities facilitated by a trained music therapist.

Free Art Program

Welcome to "Art and Harmony," a vibrant and inclusive program that offers free art and music therapy sessions for both adults and children in need of therapeutic support and creative expression. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming space where participants can explore their emotions, connect with others, and experience the healing power of art and music.

Art and Music Classes

"Canvas and Cocktails: A Sip and Paint Art Class Event"

Welcome to an evening of creativity and camaraderie at our Canvas and Cocktails event! This unique art class offers adults the opportunity to unleash their inner artist while enjoying the company of friends and fellow participants.


1005 Vine St,. Scranton, PA 18510


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