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EX Digital Wind Instrument with 12 Tones, 3 Fingerings, Scales, Transpose Function, Automatic Vibrato, Three-octave Option, and Blow Intensities

12 Optional Tones & 3 Fingerstyles – The M2 offers a diverse selection of 12 different tones, short press the tone key after the LCD displays the corresponding information, short press the keys ①/② to adjust to the desired tone. Adjustable fingering keys for selecting different fingerstyles, short press the fingering key to select one of the three fingerings: F Flute Fingering, Electric Piano Fingering, or Hulusi Fingering.
5 Blow Sensitivities & Adjustable Sound Effects – Short press the blow intensity key to adjust the sensitivity of five blow intensities: b (lightest), b2 (light), standard, heavy, and heaviest. Short press the Sound Effects Key, after the LCD displays the letters “EF,” short press the keys ①/② to adjust the reverb effect. Range: Adjustable from 0 to 30 levels, default level is 20.
High/Low Octave & Transpose- Touch the high and low octave keys to switch between different pitch ranges. No touch corresponds to the middle octave range. Short press the transpose key. After the LCD displays the letter “P,” short press the keys ①/② to transpose up or down by 12 semitones.
Volume Control & Factory Reset- Short press the volume key, after the LCD displays the corresponding information, short press the keys ①/② to adjust the volume. Volume Range: Adjustable from 00 to 12 levels Press the Factory Reset Key to restore the device to its factory settings.
Bluetooth & Bluetooth MIDI Connection – Press and hold reset button,the Bluetooth indicator will flash, indicating that the machine’s Bluetooth has been activated. Then, activate your phone’s Bluetooth and search for this device to establish a connection. Bluetooth can be used to connect to apps on your phone or iPad, such as Ziyueban, Tanchangba, and Perfect Piano. Price: $69.90 (as of 25/06/2024 05:37 PST- Details)