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Suwimut 20-NOTE Bar Chime, Single-row Table Top Wind Chime, 20 Bars Musical Percussion Instrument with Mallet for Ornament Classroom Office Decoration, Kids Educational Gift

Suitable Situation: Designed to fit any musical setting. This Bar Chime is ideal for sound immersion, percussion sets or just to play for fun. Can be a suitable gift for Christmas, New Year, birthday and more. Great decoration for party or interior design.
Healing Sound: This 20 note chimes provide clear, crisp and long extended sound, that hand chimes instrument could be used at anytime you feel stressful. You can play this instrument with your fingers or the included stick. This model is perfect for performances when a brief chime effect is needed.
Expertly Crafted: Our single row bar chime is made of high-quality wood base and aluminum pipe, looks beautiful and strong. The appearance is polished, the edge is smooth and will not hurt your hands. Bar chime striker fits conveniently into a storage slot in the included top wooden bar.
Table Stand Design – The table top stand is designed to stabilize the chimes as they are played and can easily be placed on any flat surface. Set these chimes up on your desk, a percussion trap table or use for daily meditation practices and yoga, the compact size and convenient stand make for endless possibilities.
Dimension – Length: 38cm/15inch; Width: 6cm/2.4inch; Height: 28.5cm/11.2inch. 2/5″ diameter aluminum alloy chimes are strung with a high tensile braided cord for added strength. Price: $28.99 (as of 25/06/2024 05:38 PST- Details)